'Kick' Spice Brand
Created for the University of Canberra's Packaging unit
in 2022.
Kick was created as an online spice brand for university students wanting to experiment with their cooking.
Branding, packaging and labels were designed. The colours and patterns are modern and clean to represent the brand's valuesThe packaging holds two spice jars and requires no glue during the production process.
The proposed design sparks creativity and is practical and eco-friendly.
'Revive' Juice Brand
Personal project, 2023.
Created for a natural juice company, Revive's brand identity is colourful and fresh, like its ingredients.
Focusing on a younger target audience, the brand uses fun graphics and bubbly feel-good text that resembles the drink. The bright colour scheme allows the refreshing drink to stand out from its competitors, grabbing consumer's eyes and increasing sales.
Packaging design for cans and shipping boxes were designed for this project.
'Hilda' Picture Book (Illustrations)
Personal project, 2023. 
The project 'Hilda' is a series of vibrant and whimsical character designs and illustrations to be used in a picture book. 
The illustrations provide children with an engaging reading experience whilst enhancing storytelling. 
The project contributes to the educational and creative development of young reader's.
'Silk' Sleepwear Brand
Personal project, 2023.
Silk is a concept for a sleepwear brand. To denote quality and comfort, soft colours were combined with holographic accents. The roundness found in the logo, font and designed tags further represent comfort and the brand's selling point: a good night's sleep!
In a world of fast fashion and endless choices for clothing brands, 'silk' stands out in its focus on comfort.
To showcase the brand identity, swing tags, business cards and tote bags were created.
'The Oscars' Infographic
Created for the University of Canberra's Information Visualisation unit in 2023.
The infographic uses data visualisation techniques to represent the Oscars 'Best Picture' winners since 2000. 
In this project, figures and statistics are represented by colours, line length and icons. The infographic demonstrates how data can be represented in a visually appealing format, more accessible to general audiences.
'Spider-ban' Pest Control
Personal project, 2022.
Created for a design challenge to create branding for a fictional 'superhero business'. 
Spider-ban pest control was inspired by the animated 'Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse film.
Targeting Marvel and comic fans, promotional materials (posters and coasters) were created. The project showcases a creative take on a challenging brief. 
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